Delightful Dangles Beaded Wire Chandelier Earrings

Sometimes a girl just wants to whip out a pair of beautiful earrings! So I did. :) These are beaded on gold vermile with bright and wonderful Peridot stones, labradorite chips and gold fill ear wire. I used gold fill wire in the attachment of the stones also. Sometimes it's hard to find applications for really really tiny beads but this was a perfect way to use them I thought. Earrings are a great place for those wonderful tiny stones that might escape attention when strung on a bracelet or necklace with other larger stones.

I put AAA Iolite briolettes in the centers which I thought filled these delightful dangles up with more eye catching color. They're WONDERFUL on the ears.

I had a 'tiny treasures' mood once so I picked up all these wonderful strands of 3mm gemstones and have been itching to use them.

I hope you enjoy these.

VIOLET: Thought : "I understand"
Crown chakra, Seventh chakra - located at the top of the head.
Purity, sincerity, clarity, truth, perfection, enlightenment, understanding

Qualities: Perfection, integration / unity with the omnipresent, divine wisdom and purpose, universal consciousness, bliss, understanding, enlightenment.

GREEN: Air / Touch : "I love"
Heart chakra, Fourth chakra - lies in the middle of the chest.
Warmheartedness, friendship, openness, freedom, harmony, peace, empathy, self renewal.

Qualities: Unconditional / divine love and harmony, forgiveness, healing, compassion, understanding, transformation, warmth, sharing, sincerity, devotion, selflessness.

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