New Wire Wrapped Pendants in Silver!

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Have you ever had one of those days when your hands just want to bend wire without the plan part? So then your eyes conspire and you sit in a total blank gaze, staring at the stones wondering why you can't figure out a design today...

Then all of a sudden... the roll of a dice! Your hands begin to move, the wire is being cut in some kind of furious whirl, beads are being pulled out of bins, 1/2 round is being cut without measure, scotch tape is everywhere....

Yep, that's what just happened to me again over the past few hours. I twisted up two pendants and mangled another piece that I have sitting in that pile of 'projects on hold'.

These two are what I managed to finish. The images below show front and 'back sides'.

Wire can be a very deceptive thing. You wouldn't think there is over 4 feet of wire in each of these, but there is! I used 21g sterling silver square wire with 21g 1/2 round for binding. Those gauges are within the 'normal' when wrapping med to larger sized cabochon. The banded agate pendant (purple) is approx 2 inches long and just over 4mm in width. The other geode is approx 1.5 inches at it's widest point and it's approx 10mm in depth. With the bails, the length on each is increased about half an inch. My bails, I like to make closed, but large enough that most chains can fit through. I don't make an open bail unless I need to hook the pendant over beads. I'll have to share a nifty trick I learned from Preston ( He makes the most wonderful little pendant hooks that easily slip through a closed bail, which you can then hook around a string of beads. BRILLIANT way to use those 2 inch to 4 inch wire scraps you sometimes get when trimming ends.

Overall, chaos no plan times are fun. You never know what will come out of your brain. One of a kind designs for sure... I ended up totally loving these even though I didn't mean to create them today and had no plan when the wire went on.

Sighs... as much fun as that is, please take note when I say, it can be a very expensive indulgence of creative spirit also. I've mangled, had to cut away and wasted many feet of wire over time doing this. It's best to have a game plan when cutting your wire and starting your project. But, sometimes it's just amazing to explore what you don't know is up there. Try it... you might dig it. :)

I hope you like these. They are now listed in my Etsy store! Please see the side panel for a quick link to the listings!


Jamie said...

Those pendants turned out just gorgeous! I will never understand how you manage to do all that intricate work, but I applaud you!

Creations by JAE

. said...

Hey Jamie! I was just about to email you to say thank you for linking up with me! I'm still trying to figure how to do a few blog things and I looked at your site - YOUR WORK IS BEAUTIFUL. I send you many applaud myself!
Looking forward to chatting with you in the future!

Mel said...

Hi there,
My name is Melissa and I came across your blog.
Awesome work you do!
I can totally relate to this post! I will go months without creating a thing and then go into a frenzy and turn out a bunch of stuff at once!
Thanks for sharing!!!