Hairsticks for Spring!

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An easy and fun project using simple materials which can be found at any local or online craft store! I used simple wooden hair sticks that are six inches in length, beading glue, copper wire and some of my favorite seed beads. I strung the beads along thin copper wire and then using beading glue, attached them onto the hair sticks. I've sold quite a few of these at work and certainly I use them! They're beautiful, fun, easy to wear and very secure in holding up the hair.

If you've never worn them, it's easy. Wrap your hair into a bun, stick a stick through and use more then one! :)) I hope you enjoy the ideas!
Hugs and many creative days!

Altitude Adjustment...

"What I do all day works..."
works much better than
"what i do all day is work".

:) Welcome to Spring!