Copper and Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry In the Making...

Well good morning again everyone! There's fresh coffee, tea, sugars and honey on the table. ;)

I've been head down this week working on a few things. One of them being learning about copper. I'll have a good article posted with links to a few sites and some information I found soon. I'm 'composing' while I create and learn. For now, I wanted to share some images of a couple new copper projects in the works. I have yet to finish earrings and such for these sets but by this weekend, they should be posted.

I find that copper is amazing with turquoise and finally, I have found a way to use the wonderful beads I purchased last year at Magpie Gemstones. The little focal 'Goddess face' there is porcelain and I also purchased this from Magpie. I'm afraid I don't remember the designers name, but I purchased three of these focals from Szarka last year and just love them. I'm glad I found copper to use with them. Check out her beads - amazing quality and the price was outstanding. I have to admit that I've used turquoise before, but didn't 'love it' until I got these strands. I also have some of her focal bone pieces which are outstanding and have waited to find the right application for them. I think copper is going to be perfect and those images are also, coming soon.

Thanks to Magpie!
These images are sold but I hope they give you some great ideas. The bone beads, turquoise and porcelain focals are from Magpie. The first image below to the left... those beads are called Pietersite and they're an amazing blend of browns, tans and red colors. I think they all worked very well in copper. :) Enjoy!

These are some additional things in the works... just so you know I'm still here. :)

(the aqua aura pendant is listed. Click image to go there)

Okay everyone - back soon - many hugs!

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Mystery Beads.... and Copper

I love the look of these beads with the copper and leather. My family brought them back from Mexico last year for me, but unfortunately, we've misplaced the name of the beads! They almost seem as though they are a clay of some type because the drill hole seems like a chalk or hardened clay, but... we were told they are stones of some kind. If you have any idea what these might be, I'd really appreciate the information. I've been searching for a while, but haven't found anything even close.

I hammered these copper pieces and then used a mixed color of copper to accent the metal. The necklace is meant to be worn close to the neck like a choker. I think, having chatted with some of you now on this, I might call them Artistic Beads if I can't identify them as a natural stone. They are just beautiful and I hope the images do them some justice.

Again - any further help with the beads would be great, if you recognize them!
Many hugs.

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Simple Hammered Copper Wire Jewelry Sets

I spent a few days in thought with myself. Trying to find some simplicity in a time of confusion and change. As much as I love the rocks and beads... it was all just a bit too much for these days and so I found myself with copper. Just a simple spool of natural wire, a hammer and some brown leather cord. The rhythm of the hammer and the curve of the spirals took me away to a very quiet place. I found some clarity and I found some strength. These pieces almost made themselves as they helped me clear my mind. It's very hard in a time of change to remember and recognize that we ourselves, choose these changes. We are the energy behind the motion of our Universe and many times, we're not even aware of it. We wonder 'what happened' to us, when it fact, we acted upon our need and desire for change in our lives. We are the energy behind the motion of our Universe and I realized that I Create, my reality....

These pieces were comforting. Blessings and much love my friends.

Simple Copper Collection

Welcome new wire workers. Sometimes we find excitement in the jewelry we create with our hands and sometimes, we create to find peace. For me, clarity and peace were the inspiration for these pieces. A mind returning to the simple nature of Universe, the simple nature of 'Self'. I know it sounds funny to think hammering would bring peace of mind, but it did. :) Maybe not for my neighbors, but for me, I began to not even hear it... ha!

The designs here are simple, but this wire is thick (16 gauge) and it's not that easy to work with. Not difficult, but expect to need muscle for it. There was substantial bending and hammering just to get them to the desired look. The small loops are most difficult to make tight with this size wire, even if it be 'soft' wire. Take care when gripping the wires with your round nose pliers, hold onto them firmly and with strength, use the build of the pliers to bend that loop. For further loops in the spiral, a tip is now to move to flat nose pliers. Insert them into the small tight loop, grip firmly but careful to minimize scratching and work with both hands, to control the spiraling. Hold the loose ends of the wire close to the spiral loop and pliers, this will help you roll the bends. Remember to release and reposition your pliers to keep the looping controlled and so that you don't contort yourself.

Once you have your shape, use a flat head hammer and pound the wire evenly on both sides until you get the desired look for your pieces. You will need an anvil or a metal steel block to rest the wire against while hammering. Keep in mind that while you hammer, some loops will loosen and the wire will 'flatten' out slowly. Remember to use your flat nose pliers and keep the shape while hammering. You will find that the wire will also begin to harden the more you work it with the hammer and the 'shine' in the copper will begin to become slightly matte in finish. You might keep rubber coated pliers near, however I find them to slip. Using the metal pliers to hold the wire is the most secure for me, but again, risks scratching. Some buffing might be needed to finish your pieces. Enjoy and I hope this gives you some great ideas for the week. These items are new in my shop! Thanks for visiting.

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Featured Artist! ChezChani

is a wonderful shop full of bright, beautiful and unique designs. Roz and Elayne, a mother daughter team, create stunning works of glass, wire and finely beaded jewelry. They reside in the fabulous city of Las Vegas NV and reflect the fun and adventurous nature of that city in some of their jewelry designs. I absolutely love the playing card earrings and the Peyote stitch is mesmerizing in this black and white patterned bracelet.

Visit them and their outstanding art! Click any of the images to visit.

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What Is Wire Wrapped and Beaded Jewelry?

~PerfectlyTwisted Jewelry

The art of making jewelry using stones and natural materials from the earth, spans back thousands of years. Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques used to create jewelry and can be dated back to the years of BC. Samples from the Sumerian Dynasty and Ancient Rome show that they were using wired loops and wire techniques over 2000 years ago. The ancient Egyptian goldsmiths were credited as the first craftspeople to produce jewelry entirely from wire approximately 4000 years ago. The Vikings were knitting their wire into jewelry and making chains of metal wire.

The technique of wire wrapping specifically, normally does not include the use of soldering or adhesives to keep the stones in place or the wires together. The design in the wire and the placement of the stones within that, are the art of securing the stones in place to create a beautiful piece of unique jewelry. Patterns joining round ‘links’ or beads create unique and intricate designs that can sometimes even resemble or function as ‘fabric’. Chainmaille is one such example of this, in its most complex forms. Stitching with beads is another and sometimes known as 'seed beading'.

With no alteration to the ‘nature’ and only the application of imagination, are these amazing works created. The art is appreciated not only for it’s beauty but also because by way of it’s creation, it can only be done by hand. Machines can produce casts and presses to replicate jewelry designs for mass market. Machines can not however, create the intricate wire weaved designs found in wire wrapped jewelry and other fine wire art. This takes the hand of skilled Artisans and Crafts people.

When creating wire jewelry, all forms of drilled beads, loose rough rocks, polished cabochons, crystals and gemstones can be used. This includes other natural beads such as seeds, shells, wood, paper, blown glass and clay of various kinds. Corals, fossils, meteorites and synthetic stones included. This is part of what makes this art limitless. Many artists mix metals, wire sizes and types. Some include sheet metal designs, precious metal clay elements and even fabric.

Wire doesn’t stop at jewelry however. Many artists extend their designs into the home, beading lampshades, pillows, creating wire elements for the dinning table such as beaded napkin holders, candles sticks and wine glass markers. Drink stir sticks and hair decorations are other fun projects!

Not to mention… all of this as applied to weddings and other special occasion.

There is a magical peace and joy that come with this art. To sit quietly with Earth’s elements, your imagination, your hands, some simple tools… and to challenge your mind into bringing those things together as an expression of yourself is something… almost indescribable.

I hope this inspires you when you shop for gifts, when you sit to create for your family or loved ones and when you consider ‘what to do next’ to creatively express yourself.

~Please see the links on my side bar to visit some outstanding artists and their creations! Thank you for visiting me also. :)

Blessings and Peace.

Click the images to visit each amazing artist. Visit the links on my side bar too! Many artists, sharing, caring, learning, creating and exploring. :) Welcome!

eSMArt Team Store

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Reversible Carnelian and Copper Wire Wrapped Donut Pendant TUTORIAL

Updated: 02.09.2009 Happy Full Moon by the way...
The tutorial is now up! Please shop me. ;D

I hope this post finds everyone having delightful days :)

A favorite stone shape to work with is 'donut'... gotta love them for breakfast and they work great for wire also! I've just listed these three Carnelian pendants in my Etsy shop so please be tempted! :)

Made with one continuous three foot, craft copper wire, cutters, flat nose and round nose pliers. The copper wire is a fun look against the color of Carnelian stone and I think I'm quite happy with how these turned out. I hope it gives you some good ideas! All three of these designs are basically the same harness and bale. :)

I can see maybe adding some smaller wire and beads if I wanted to create more elaborate designs with this wrap style. The style of the wrap allows for the pendant to be worn on either side so the design possibilities are great and a reversible pendant is always fun to offer your customers!

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