I was saving this for today, but I'll deposit the image here with links and let you explore instead. I'll write on Selenite another day. ;) I'm having a bit of trouble taking an image of mine anyway, but you can check THESE out. Mine's not as biggie. ;) But mine 'does hold it's own'... they're just tricky to get image on... The surface of mine, I want to capture as close up as I can because the texture is very similar (at least to me) of looking at a circuit board... You'll see if I can ever learn to get a decent picture. How does one take photos of something that is similar to icecubes???
Back soon. xo

~Talk about Superman and his Fortress of Solitude!
~There is a 'Queens Chamber' named in this cave I believe (I'll have to review)... but,
I say this is WonderWoman's Fortress of Selenite then!
~It's about time we got 'ours'. ;) wink-et-blink... as I roll off my chair in giggles!

Giant Selenite crystals in the Naica mine, Mexico... and yeah, that's a 'human' right there standing on that crystal.
*click to close up

And Remember....
A Pyramid...

Has 5 'faces' and the 'bottom' or 'foundation' is always the EARTH.

~And from there, we grow again~

~we play to know again...
nous jouons pour savoir encore

~Via the Nature and then...
μέσω της φύσης και έπειτα

...jugamos y seamos amigo….again.


~we are friend.