Friends! :) and

Hey everyone... I met a new friend tonight and WOW, was I lucky they found me. I wanted to share their website so that you can visit if you get a chance. Their style blog has a lot of great information!

And my girlfriend Ms. C...(big huge hugs and kisses)
Okay everyone, this is a MUST go visit. This is 'magic' information... seriously. Her website is amazing and so are the things she does there! The information is well layed out, well written and things that I can't wait to learn, myself!

Beneath our awareness, color evokes emotion and action and can affect others and ourselves in ways that often go untapped. ColorTools™ kits teach you the art of color coordinating your wardrobe and cosmetic purchases. You can even use our method to decorate your home and find that perfect color for walls, draperies, furniture and accessories. Stop carrying around fabric swatches that were made from outdated dye lots and lots of cumbersome dangling strings. See how we can help you make an informed color decision.

I can't even say how much I miss hanging out with you! Hugs Lady.

Many hugs to everyone - happy New Year!!!

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Blog Award!

Awww! How cool is this! I've never had anyone nominate me for anything, so I'm speechless and very honored that Jamie Elliott, Creations by JAE, nominated me. I've been blessed to have been befriended by the Etsy eSMArts team and couldn't be more proud to be a member along side all of these wonderful and talented Artists.

Please take a moment to visit my friend Jamie! Click the Krativ Blogger badge and it'll take you to her amazing blog where you can visit all of her beautiful jewelry, visit her store items and stop in to pet her wonderful Willie puppy while you're there. Then please also take a minute and visit my sidebar links where you can visit all of the eSMArts team! I proudly display live links to their blogs and posts. Make sure you check out the Etsy team store as well as the individual stores also! Our sales go to making the world a better place.

The rules for passing this award on are:
1. The winner may put this award on their blog
2. Put a link to the person who sent this award to you
3. Nominate 5 blogs
4. Put links to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees

Enjoy! And much love and many well wishes for a prosperous, healthy and blessed New Year!

Meet the Team:
And I'm honored to pass this along tooooo.... (I actually pick everyone ;)

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Susan aka...

Thanks Due

Updated: 1.30.2009 1:55pm

"She also, makes amazing jewelry and can be found in the links..."

Now, I have another moment to sit and properly thank Jeanne. Her jewelry is outstanding, like I've mentioned but that's not what I'm writing about. I'm writing about her encouragement of my writing.

Somewhere, deep down below and around my 'pockets', there is a special love. I think I didn't realize how important until recently. I love to write. About anything, all things, nothing, poetry, jokes, rambling... I've been exploring that for a year (poems of mine)

So, here, again in this amazing group of 'Jewelry' Artists... I meet Ms. Amequohi. We have the pleasure to chat a few times and get to knowin' each other. Her encouragement, support, enthusiasm and even her little shmoosing and egging... got me to Smashwords. I've been kind of test driving it for a couple weeks now and I see, for as new as they are, that it's going to be the perfect place for me to 'become my author'. ;) She's opened up a whole new world of 'hope' for me, excitement and just pure joy to know that I can put my 'books' out there somewhere.
Visit Smashwords here if you want a great place to publish your ebooks. At the moment, I don't see that they do 'how to' books, but if you write story or poetry, fiction... its' perfect.
Ms. Amequohi - thank you my friend. xoxo
You help me realize a love.

Now, I have time to sit and write something proper about a couple of women. A couple of fine artists and most certainly, two dear friends. First, here are their links.

also, click each image to 'go there'

Ms. Jamie befriended me when my blog was new and introduced me to the Etsy team. I've loved it ever since and am blessed she extended the invitation, I have a huge list of friends linked down the side bar and enjoy sharing in the lives of all these wonderful people. (okay PSST that would be YOU). ;)

Anyway... here I sit on sunny days, rainy days, snowy days and I watch our forum conversations go by while I do my ma(dd)ness...

I try to help some here and there, I make silly most everywhere and I learn, from all of you. And I watch how many endless, selfish less, helpful emails are fired off minute after minute. Some new to the group, some seasoned, some familiar to ourselves in several other places, everyone working hard to help each other enjoy and be successful at our arts.
And... I laugh my head off sometimes because we're all a bunch of delightful nuts! :)

And... I watch Jamie, over and over, write the most thoughtful, informative, instructional emails to share how we can help each other. There are many of you who do this so please know you're not unnoticed, but today, I'm writing to these two 'first friends' of mine who lead me to all of you...

I know I could write about how beautiful Jamie's jewelry is, but I think that's all quite obvious. What I want her to know is how beautiful the rest of her loving and sharing heart is and that those artful efforts of hers are also, loved and appreciated. As much as her jewelry is eye candy :)

And Ms. Lola. Mysterious lady. So many 'yous', so much beauty and so much talent. When I joined Jewelry Geeks I noticed your jewelry images before I even knew how to click. I looked at many galleries, read many comments, and found your wonderful smile there all the time. Small phrases, little hugs, engaged conversations, support, friendship and interest. She was everywhere and I thought, how cool! I'd love to know her. Creative in jewelry art, creative in words, powerful in her 'woman' and all woman at heart. I'm never sure if she's a member of the Etsy team, but it doesn't matter. She's a member of my friendship team and I love her.

Please go visit each of them. Enjoy their amazing art, but know how else they're amazing and say hello. :) Hugs to you all. A delightful team. All delightful artists. And some of the best people I share text with! lol!! xoxo

Please visit yourselves and ourselves at the sidebar! Nice to see you here too.

YES! I am working on jewelry too! Dad and G did bring back a bundle of rocks, so I'm a wrappin'... soon for pics. xo Thanks and love to them!

Oh! And I pretended like I was an author this weekend and so I 'published' my first little ebook! yipps! In the on the side bar... I.SmashWords.Together If you write or like to read cheesy poetry... go see me! :D Just kidding... It might not all be cheeky, but it is a new 'art' for me, so thanks for any feedback if you do. xo My writing is also in the Mini.Me. Izzy.She be.

I have to thank my friend Jeanne for that! I think she knows what a blessing her encouragement was. And is. xoxo

She also, makes amazing jewelry and can be found in the links...

Hugs to all - back to my wire!

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