New Stuff! Wire Wrapped Weaved Sculpted Jewelry

I'm to tired to write, but I hope you enjoy the inspiration. Much love!
Click on each image to enlarge.  These pieces are also now in my Etsy store... I invite you to have a look and I hope you shop your hearts out ;)



DIY Fun & Functional Weekend Projects

 I wanted to share two of the best ideas I've found on Pinterest... that's right, I finally did it and opened up a Pinterest account and have found that I LOVE IT.  The link is up there ^^ in the title bar near my blog header, I hope you'll give it a look.  I have a few boards, one of which is Wire & Bead Inspiration where I've collected images from some of the most amazing wire artists.  Another fave is my board called Origami Paper Arts which contains not only gorgeous origami art works, but also many free patterns for creating your own origami flowers, birds, butterflies and ... gift boxes!  That's right, every wire artist who intends to sell their pieces is faced with 'how to package' them, without it costing a fortune.  Creating your own gift box from recycled household items and simple papers is a fantastic idea and there are links to many DIY tutorials on that board.  Another great board to visit is called Jewelry Patterns & Tutorials, where I've collected links and images to many outstanding free wire tutorials.  I hope you have time to check them out.

From Pinterest, I tried these two wonderful DIY projects this weekend and had a great time of it.  The wire jewelry tree is quite easy to do and not only looks great, but also makes for a fun place to hang your pretties.  I used Wrap IT craft wire which is very inexpensive and the whole thing took about 40 minutes to complete.

I also made these beautiful pillow gift boxes from a project I found on Pinterest, using toilet paper rolls, origami paper and a bit of glue.  They look wonderful and are quite sturdy!  People are so clever!  Who would have guessed you could create such wonderful things from recycling simple household items!  Tie a bit of raffia around these, add your business card and they're ready to go!

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Enjoy the inspiration and have a beautifully creative day!

NEW! Copper Wire Pendants and Necklaces

I've added a few things to my etsy shop, I hope you'll give a look... ;)  Have a wonderful and creative day!


This Chalcedony butterfly pendant was a pattern I learned from the wonderful artist, Iza Malczyk.  Her etsy store is linked here  and I encourage anyone to try her tutorials.  She has wonderful designs as well as clearly written instructions and great images throughout the tutorial.  I'm a huge fan and am grateful such a wonderful artist is willing to share her talents with us.  The pattern is wonderful to work with and can be modified in many ways... I do hope you give it a try.

New! Wired to Love You, Copper and Bronze Wire Pendants

So it's finally done!  I'm really happy with how the patina turned out along with the whole piece.  I also put a patina to the copper chain as well as the clasp.  I decided that a machine made clasp wasn't going to 'do it' for this beautiful pendant, so I designed my own.  Wired into the heart are Garnet and Spinel briolettes and rondelles as well as accent copper beads.  I loved making this piece and it's perfectly on time for the upcoming Valentine's day. Enjoy the eye candy, I just posted these pieces into my etsy store!

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Gems Medley
Copper wire, oxidized, buffed and sealed to keep the gorgeous antique finish.  Iolite, amethyst, peridot, spinel gemstones and copper beads.

The Mystic's Eye
Bronze wire, handmade love knots, glass pearl and focal beads.

Origami Sisters 3

Yes, it's that time again and these wonderful ladies came into being.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration ;)
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Remember the sisters from before...
These are sold however ;)