New! Wired to Love You, Copper and Bronze Wire Pendants

So it's finally done!  I'm really happy with how the patina turned out along with the whole piece.  I also put a patina to the copper chain as well as the clasp.  I decided that a machine made clasp wasn't going to 'do it' for this beautiful pendant, so I designed my own.  Wired into the heart are Garnet and Spinel briolettes and rondelles as well as accent copper beads.  I loved making this piece and it's perfectly on time for the upcoming Valentine's day. Enjoy the eye candy, I just posted these pieces into my etsy store!

Click each image to enlarge and feel free to email me at for questions.


Gems Medley
Copper wire, oxidized, buffed and sealed to keep the gorgeous antique finish.  Iolite, amethyst, peridot, spinel gemstones and copper beads.

The Mystic's Eye
Bronze wire, handmade love knots, glass pearl and focal beads.


Mei Tan said...

Can i say your wire work has taken a new direction? :) More wire weaving I notice :)

IzzyGumbo said...

Yes Mei, thanks for the comments, more wire weaving and a few other combined techniques maybe... Always trying to improve what I do :)