New! Tutorial, Antique Copper Earrings

Just in time for holiday creating!  Use fun beads and bright color in the wires
for a unique and easy to make holiday gift.  The 'how to' on the long and decorative hooks
is included and I hope will spark wonderful new ideas to enhance the look of your earrings.
I hope you like ;) xo
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Origami Sisters 2

hey you... Creative One, I'm making cards today :))


Some ideas I hope you'll enjoy. Easy to make... okay maybe not toooo easy but fun!
Scrapbook and origami papers.  I make these up as I go, so there are no patterns, but with the origami paper, it's easy to imagine what 'hip' kimono might look like. ;)  I love making these.

For the card body, I used 12 x 12 Tex Tureo Cardstock, which you can purchase at any local hobby store.  This stack is called Far East and I got the from Michael's, the stickers too.  A bit of imagination makes for a unique gift and a great time of it!  Enjoy and have fun!

Remember these?  From my previous post ... Sisters Origami

click to enlarge


”... I’m a carefully calculated and well centered,
yet chaotically constructed complication called, Simplicity…”

hi.Q.can you see me?

it still applies

Paper & Copper Earrings

Some other fun and inexpensive ways to create and be creative ;) Have I shown you these? Again, simple craft papers, creatively cut, glued into place, wrapped in shiny copper wires and finished with copper ear hooks. Many of these papers are from book marks I created once before and they make wonderful gifts.... there are NOT enough hours in a day and don't even ask, but I also research into why that is! ;)

Who needs a garage...

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The making of a 'studio' ;)

umm... yeah, I do jewelry in here too lol!
Enjoy some older articles I've written on building a creative space...
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Well I sure hope you have the space already cleared in your garage before you get started... I had so much stuff crammed into mine, I had to clear it out first!  Anyway, after that.... I had a great time doing the rest!

FUN! ideas are these...
1.  Clear the floor of crap and carpet or other funky garage floor coverings and try to find foundation... mine is cement and was there after the removal of an old carpet left from previous occupants.
2.  Battleship grey is an awesome color to pour out onto a cleanly swept cement foundation and with roller on a broomstick handle, smearing such quick dry paint all over the floor is another delightful experience!
3.  Sweep away nasty cobb webs and corners, don't look, don't think, just do ... and using large sunglasses or eye cover is a must!  Sweep the ceiling without this eye protection and risk the idea of an icky spider filled something falling onto your face.... don't say I didn't warn you :) If you have a vac with hose, it's best.
don't take yourself ... "SO SiriuSly!"  (my painting above)... it's an ART STUDIO and will be a mess most of the time anyway.  Have fun!

For the walls and my eccentric personality, I chose to use black chalk board paint and painted much of the wall spaces with it.  Including a few seats and counter surfaces.... some old picture frames too for portable chalk board space and this wonderful stuff comes not only in black but also GREEN!  And who can have an 'art studio' without whimsy things drawn all over the new chalk board walls. :))  what fun you will have... indescribable.

A few more...

While I could have purchased hooks in the same color of wire and saved myself the time, I decided that I wanted a longer and more rustic finding, so I simply made them myself. Take a desired length of wire, create a small end loop, bend the wire softly over your pinkie finger to create a soft curve and use flat nose pliers to create a small bend at the end of the wire.

If your cut is not super clean, use a small jewelry file to clean off the wire... one or two times across a nail file will help smooth out the end as well and make putting the earrings on, more comfortable. Dare to use the unique and more rare stones, crystals and handcrafted beads even. ;)

I've got some new tutorials coming out soon... so keep checking back!

A few things

I've been up to them... ;)

Using the fun and very inexpensive craft wires, you can create wonderful and abundant pieces to enjoy, share and even sell, without the fear of a breaking pocket book.  I began with gold fill and silver wire but as I've moved forward, I've discovered the joy and freedom  in using the colored coppers.  I still use real and quality stones in the designs but had a great time toning down the 'dress'... more rustic and natural in antique and brass colored Parawire, which you can find at any online or local hobby store such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  The stones are of Kyanite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Moldavite, Charoite and Turquoise :) click the images for a bigger view

I hope my images inspire you to create and have a great time with it!
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Many smiles, inspire something and be inspired!

~ enjoy your rocks! ;)
LOVE... your creative Nature.