Sharing another custom pendant order!

Have you heard of  If not, here is the direct link... to a wonderful, spiritual and very talented Poet.  I've had the honor of doing a custom wire wrap for this lovely individual and wanted to not only share his beautiful pendant image, but also the link to his work.  I encourage you to visit his website and explore his gentle, creative mind.  I'm a huge fan of poetry and am fortunate to have discovered Andrew's writing.   His book can be purchased through (click the link to go directly there)

Lucid Poems is a soul inspired art form designed to awaken you to enlightenment.

I hope this brings you creative inspiration.
If you are interested in a custom creation, please feel free to contact me.



The Finished Custom Pendant! Mystical Messenger

How delightful when plans change and you find time on your hands!  I didn't expect to get this finished today, but chance happened, that I did.  Jill is a dear and wonderfully spiritual individual.  I think her gemstones show that energy in the way they helped me form the wires.  I love this pendant and it's been an absolute delight to create.  Enjoy the images!

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Peaking in ... A Custom Pendant Order in Progress

I've been head down, working on this wonderful custom order and I thought I'd take a break to give you (and the owner) a peak at what I'm up to.

I've been given the opportunity to wrap up these three beautiful gemstone into a pendant.  I've decided to mix my wire weaving technique with something akin to 'heady wrapping'.  I'm harnessing these gemstone without snap settings nor am I putting them into wire built gem settings first.  They are being put into the pendant frame using 'tension'... basically, the pressure of wire from both the back and front sides of the frame.

Using the yellow Citrine teardrop as an example, you can see that I've built a 'cradle' for it to sit in.  I've overlapped coiled wires along it's face to hold it into place.  This is a very secure method, but requires quite a bit of time!  I don't drill coil my wires either... I do it all by hand.

I hope the images give you some creative inspiration!  If you are interested in a custom wire wrap, please feel free to contact me.

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You can check back soon for my finished work.


  this is the backside of the pendant (the last image)

A New Tutorial!! Wire Wrapped Pendant, Beginner to Intermediate Wire Weaving Jewelry Project

I've worked very hard all weekend to bring you the latest of my tutorials!  I think you'll love giving this project a try... it's a great pendant, designed with ease and versatility in mind!  I designed this in such a way that you can harness any size or shape of drilled focal bead.  The design ensures also, that the backside is 'clean', meaning you can, with some thought to design, create a reversible pendant and utilize both sides of a gorgeous stone.  The bail is secure, closed and large enough that you can enjoy your pendant on any size chain, decorative rope or ribbon.  Get creative and make a few for yourself, friends and loved ones! They'll adore your skill and love their beautiful handmade gift.

The tutorial bundle contains 3 files, the primary pendant project, a variations file, showing two additional designs using the same harness and a third file which will walk you through adding a lovely patina to the wire.

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Enjoy the eye candy! And visit my store for more wonderful jewelry project tutorials!

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Primary tutorial file:
18 pages
123 images
23 steps

Variations file:
10 pages
44 images
10 steps
Includes a 3rd pendant with 20 images to temp your imagination!

Patina Madness file:
3 pages
11 images
4 steps

Featured Artist, Deco-Artwork, Handmade Jewelry by Cindy Lodge

It's my pleasure to introduce you to my friend Cindy.  She is the owner and artist creator of Deco-Artwork Jewelry and I encourage you to visit her Etsy store!  The direct link is here...

She specializes in vintage style necklaces, earrings and bracelets as well as wire wrapped and sculpted jewelry.  She is brilliant in combining quality gemstones and beads to create unique and beautifully designed pieces and welcomes your custom orders!  Enjoy a sample of her work below and visit her shop to see more of these delicious creations!  Click the item title to go directly to her store listing.

Triple Chain Necklace with Blue Green Beads and Vintage Ceramic Focal Bead, Mixed Metals 

  • Materials: Bronzite brown beads, Blue Laguna Lace Agate Beads, Green efluoresent agate bead, oxidized silver chain, oxidized brass chain, Antique brass lobster clasp, Large vintage ceramic bead, Vintage blue green and yellow oval bead, Rose leaf bead capps, Filigree bead caps, Black seed beads, Silver plated ball head pins, silver filled wire loops.

Necklace Fringed with Peridot, Onyx, Silver and Red Carnelian Pickapeppa

  • Materials: Peridot Nuggets, Peridot Round Beads, Black Onyx Beads, Silver Plated Beads, Red Carnelian Beads, Handmade Dangles, Handmade Fringes, 12 mm Oxidized Silver Clasp, Silver Plated Chain, Silver Plated French Wire

  • Materials: Sterling Silver Chain, Green Peridot Nuggets, Green Peridot, Beads, Black Onyx Beads, Shiny Silver Beads, Orange Red Carnelian Beads, Silver Plated Ball Headpins, Handmade Silver Filled Ear Wires, Beaded and Coiled Ear Wires, Jet Black Glass Seed Beads

A Custom Creation, Moldavite & Crystal Cluster, Wire Wrapped Reversible Pendant

A very wonderful soul gave me the opportunity to create a custom pendant for her.  I thought it would be fun to share the process with you.  These were very spirited stones and while I had a design in mind for them... they turned out to have their own mind about how they wanted to be in the wire!

I received these in the mail and as always, set them in front of me to determine which side would be the 'backside' of the pendant.  I turned them and turned them, looked at them in the light, trying to image my preconceived design around them.  Yet they lay there defiantly beautiful on ALL sides... and so after some time, I realized that I simply had to surrender to their energy instead.  I created a pendant that is reversible, showing off both sides of these beautiful pieces.

I'm very happy with it and happy to report that their owner is too!

Enjoy the images and please visit my Etsy store for more lovely creations.

I am always happy to do custom orders, so if you have special pieces you'd like in wire, I hope you'll consider to contact me.




Showing off some new jewelry!

I have to admit, I had a bit of 'jewelers block' for a couple of weeks and was a bit worried... but then it passed and I managed to get quite a few new pieces made!  I'm happy to show you some images and hope you'll visit the store when you get a chance.

I did a custom order for a very special ammonite two weeks ago and it caused me to fall in love with ammonites!  I purchased a few after that and have set a couple to wire.  The first in copper is an Opal Ammonite, very very pretty specimen with great flashes of color!  The other I set in rolled sterling silver and think it came out just wonderfully.

Enjoy the eye candy... they can all be found in my Etsy store.

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