A Custom Creation, Moldavite & Crystal Cluster, Wire Wrapped Reversible Pendant

A very wonderful soul gave me the opportunity to create a custom pendant for her.  I thought it would be fun to share the process with you.  These were very spirited stones and while I had a design in mind for them... they turned out to have their own mind about how they wanted to be in the wire!

I received these in the mail and as always, set them in front of me to determine which side would be the 'backside' of the pendant.  I turned them and turned them, looked at them in the light, trying to image my preconceived design around them.  Yet they lay there defiantly beautiful on ALL sides... and so after some time, I realized that I simply had to surrender to their energy instead.  I created a pendant that is reversible, showing off both sides of these beautiful pieces.

I'm very happy with it and happy to report that their owner is too!

Enjoy the images and please visit my Etsy store for more lovely creations.

I am always happy to do custom orders, so if you have special pieces you'd like in wire, I hope you'll consider to contact me.




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