Peaking in ... A Custom Pendant Order in Progress

I've been head down, working on this wonderful custom order and I thought I'd take a break to give you (and the owner) a peak at what I'm up to.

I've been given the opportunity to wrap up these three beautiful gemstone into a pendant.  I've decided to mix my wire weaving technique with something akin to 'heady wrapping'.  I'm harnessing these gemstone without snap settings nor am I putting them into wire built gem settings first.  They are being put into the pendant frame using 'tension'... basically, the pressure of wire from both the back and front sides of the frame.

Using the yellow Citrine teardrop as an example, you can see that I've built a 'cradle' for it to sit in.  I've overlapped coiled wires along it's face to hold it into place.  This is a very secure method, but requires quite a bit of time!  I don't drill coil my wires either... I do it all by hand.

I hope the images give you some creative inspiration!  If you are interested in a custom wire wrap, please feel free to contact me.

Click each image to enlarge and get a good look.
You can check back soon for my finished work.


  this is the backside of the pendant (the last image)


R. said...

You are blowing me away with your style! Amazing work. Love it!!!

IzzyGumbo said...
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IzzyGumbo said...

hey thanks, I appreciate your comment! ;)