New! Beaded Wire Wrapped Tree of Life pendants necklaces by Perfectly Twisted Jewelry

whew!  Some new things in my Etsy store... I hope you'll come see.  I'll be posting more soon too!





Learn to Make Wire Weave Jewelry at The Crazy Merchant, Inc, Jewelry and Beading Studio with a Perfectly Twisted Jewelry Artist

That's right.... now I'm teaching private wire weave jewelry classes on Tuesdays too.  Please email me to book a time and project.  I'll be teaching these classes at The Crazy Merchant, Inc, 1700 W. Bellview Avenue, Littleton, CO ... doing my happy dance!!

I'm fun and learning the art of wire weave jewelry is even more fun!  If you love creating with your hands and if you love wire beaded jewelry, you'll love the art of wire weave and you'll be amazed that you can learn to do this!

Please email me for an appointment (I teach only by appointment)

check my store

and my catalog of wire weave jewelry tutorials (there will be more in the coming months)

Don't forget to visit The Crazy Merchant, Inc for some amazing beads, cabochon, jewelry making supplies and best of all... CLASSES!

New Tree of Life designs by Perfectly Twisted Jewelry!


New Tree of Life and Wire Weaved Pendant designs!
Some new items in my store!  Also, if you're local to Denver, Colorado, my jewelry can be purchased directly from me at The Crazy Merchant, Inc!
Meantime... visit my Etsy store to shop your hearts out!

Featuring Perfectly Twisted Jewelry

.... well, I couldn't call myself an Artist if I didn't show off my own jewelry, right??! ... ;)

Here are my new beauties!  They're going fast, three are gone before I could even get this post up!  I hope you love them.

If you're local to Denver, my items and I, can also be found at


Featuring Off the Wall Baubles and Beads, Arlene Couchman, Beading Artist and Instructor

What can I say, I'm fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented artists and this is another beloved favorite of mine.

The quality of her work, the elegance of her designs and her amazingly fantastic way of teaching makes this mind boggling art something really special to learn as well as wear.

Arlene teaches by appointment and her exquisite jewelry can be found at The Crazy Merchant.   And yes, I already own a magnificent bracelet of hers, as well as booked a class with her!  :)

Never Settle, Featuring Sweet and Pikki

Another fabulous artist I love?
Sweet and Pikki.  Why?

Because I 'never settle' for anything less than incredible too!
I love her jewelry and I've tried on several pieces... they're divine and beautifully detailed.
Not to mention Pikki's energy is just delightful and you can 'feel' it, in her gorgeous creations.

To the Beach! ....

Pikki has been creating inspirational Designer Sea shell jewelry for over 18 years. 

"The vision originated in San Francisco at the beach and pier with my loving father's love and passion for exploration and teaching me to look beyond.  "

Her beautiful jewelry can also be found at The Crazy Merchant.

Designed for Time, Amazing Chain Maille Artist, Lloyd Braunberger

I knew it might happen and it did... I fell in love with this chain and I can't help but order more!

I just purchased this from Designed for Time, by artist Lloyd Braunberger and I LOVE it.
His work is exquisite and I couldn't be happier with my new jewelry.

Here's a link to his website where you can get one of your own :)  I'm not parting with this one. Thank you Lloyd!

Featuring Carol Ellen Originals, Quality Handmade Vintage Jewelry

Amazingly beautiful jewelry!  I've seen it first hand and just wanted to share... her work is gorgeous and very inspiring!  I encourage a visit to her Etsy store, Carol Ellen Originals.

I have been designing, making, and teaching beading for 15 years. I love taking vintage, old, and unique jewelry items (watches, earrings, broaches, pins, etc.) and re-purposing them into new and stunning one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I also specialize in unique beaded designs using semi-precious stones, crystals, metals, pearls, glass and more. "

Click each image to go directly to the store listing.


Carol's stunning jewelry can be found at The Crazy Merchant.