New Copper Pendants, Necklace & Earring sets!

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Well these are the latest! I've been waiting for the copper beads to come and they did today. I prepared the pendants a few days ago and then strung them up when the shipment arrived. I guess looking back, I started off right where I left off... with copper. It's such a warm color, easy to work with and works so well with many stones.

In these, I have tumbled stones of wonderful colors, I used brown leather cord, finished simply with copper wrap and for the focal beads, there are Lapis, Lemon Jade, Carnelian and Pietersite.
Whew! I'll be listing in the store soon but these might end up at the local shops instead... anyway...

They are meant to be worn as chokers and rather then using a clasp, I leave the leather 'unfinished' and they are worn tied. The bulk of the leather isn't uncomfortable and it holds better then anything! Easy to wear. I've sold them this way before and it seems to work out right fine. :) I always give an option for a clasp certainly, but leaving them this way also makes for easy length adjustments. Just wear them as you like!

I've also worked on some new simple but I think, elegant earrings and silver pendants. I'm liking the 'natural' look these days and I think it's starting to show in my pieces! I'll post more images soon.

If you're interested, all the copper pendants are created with the same basic wrap technique, which is easy and great to use with large focal beads that are drilled top down. I lost some tutorials when the computer crashed but have recreated the Butterfly pendant tutorial. :) It's listed in the store...I'm slowly starting to relist things.
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