Origami Note Cards

After a few days of making these wonderful little dolls, I decided to set them onto card stock and create unique note cards. They have three blank pages each inside along with a beautiful sheer envelope. Each card and Origami Geisha are created one at a time and each are one of a kind.
So that they don't get 'handled too much', I created simple packaging out of paper and some cute bee stickers. The cards can easily be seen but are also protected until purchase.

I've enjoyed them and hope they give you some creative ideas!
Many smiles and much love.

Sisters Origami

I Sa Ya...

I spent the last two days making the Ladies and also some kiddie bookmarks for the shop. I hope you enjoy the ideas and I hope they inspire some fun times! These are wonderful and easy to make. The Kimono patterns are my own so probably not 'traditional' but I love them anyway. :))

Hugs! Wonderful days and bright smiles!

Hairsticks for Spring!

The tutorial is now in my store! Click here to shop.

An easy and fun project using simple materials which can be found at any local or online craft store! I used simple wooden hair sticks that are six inches in length, beading glue, copper wire and some of my favorite seed beads. I strung the beads along thin copper wire and then using beading glue, attached them onto the hair sticks. I've sold quite a few of these at work and certainly I use them! They're beautiful, fun, easy to wear and very secure in holding up the hair.

If you've never worn them, it's easy. Wrap your hair into a bun, stick a stick through and use more then one! :)) I hope you enjoy the ideas!
Hugs and many creative days!

Altitude Adjustment...

"What I do all day works..."
works much better than
"what i do all day is work".

:) Welcome to Spring!

FREE! Earring Hanger, Display, GemA.Tree Tutorial

Well it's not like I've not been doing anything! :)) I created this small, fun and easy tutorial which I hope you'll enjoy! I've made many of these as gifts and just as a place to put my earrings. They're fun and the materials can be found in any craft store. Use your spare large wooden beads, large glass bobbles, mosaic tiles and crystals to create a variety of whimsy designs.

The file is a .pdf file and can be downloaded from my FREE TUTORIAL PROJECTS page

Have fun! Suggestions and comments are always welcome on my tutorials. I appreciate your eyes, your friendship and your time!