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Hey everyone... I met a new friend tonight and WOW, was I lucky they found me. I wanted to share their website so that you can visit if you get a chance. Their style blog has a lot of great information!

And my girlfriend Ms. C...(big huge hugs and kisses)
Okay everyone, this is a MUST go visit. This is 'magic' information... seriously. Her website is amazing and so are the things she does there! The information is well layed out, well written and things that I can't wait to learn, myself!

Beneath our awareness, color evokes emotion and action and can affect others and ourselves in ways that often go untapped. ColorTools™ kits teach you the art of color coordinating your wardrobe and cosmetic purchases. You can even use our method to decorate your home and find that perfect color for walls, draperies, furniture and accessories. Stop carrying around fabric swatches that were made from outdated dye lots and lots of cumbersome dangling strings. See how we can help you make an informed color decision.

I can't even say how much I miss hanging out with you! Hugs Lady.

Many hugs to everyone - happy New Year!!!

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Betty BeadBug said...

Happy New Year to you too my friend..hope it is one of your best yet.