What Is Wire Wrapped and Beaded Jewelry?

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The art of making jewelry using stones and natural materials from the earth, spans back thousands of years. Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques used to create jewelry and can be dated back to the years of BC. Samples from the Sumerian Dynasty and Ancient Rome show that they were using wired loops and wire techniques over 2000 years ago. The ancient Egyptian goldsmiths were credited as the first craftspeople to produce jewelry entirely from wire approximately 4000 years ago. The Vikings were knitting their wire into jewelry and making chains of metal wire.

The technique of wire wrapping specifically, normally does not include the use of soldering or adhesives to keep the stones in place or the wires together. The design in the wire and the placement of the stones within that, are the art of securing the stones in place to create a beautiful piece of unique jewelry. Patterns joining round ‘links’ or beads create unique and intricate designs that can sometimes even resemble or function as ‘fabric’. Chainmaille is one such example of this, in its most complex forms. Stitching with beads is another and sometimes known as 'seed beading'.

With no alteration to the ‘nature’ and only the application of imagination, are these amazing works created. The art is appreciated not only for it’s beauty but also because by way of it’s creation, it can only be done by hand. Machines can produce casts and presses to replicate jewelry designs for mass market. Machines can not however, create the intricate wire weaved designs found in wire wrapped jewelry and other fine wire art. This takes the hand of skilled Artisans and Crafts people.

When creating wire jewelry, all forms of drilled beads, loose rough rocks, polished cabochons, crystals and gemstones can be used. This includes other natural beads such as seeds, shells, wood, paper, blown glass and clay of various kinds. Corals, fossils, meteorites and synthetic stones included. This is part of what makes this art limitless. Many artists mix metals, wire sizes and types. Some include sheet metal designs, precious metal clay elements and even fabric.

Wire doesn’t stop at jewelry however. Many artists extend their designs into the home, beading lampshades, pillows, creating wire elements for the dinning table such as beaded napkin holders, candles sticks and wine glass markers. Drink stir sticks and hair decorations are other fun projects!

Not to mention… all of this as applied to weddings and other special occasion.

There is a magical peace and joy that come with this art. To sit quietly with Earth’s elements, your imagination, your hands, some simple tools… and to challenge your mind into bringing those things together as an expression of yourself is something… almost indescribable.

I hope this inspires you when you shop for gifts, when you sit to create for your family or loved ones and when you consider ‘what to do next’ to creatively express yourself.

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Blessings and Peace.

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Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Beautiful selection...

A Beaded Affair said...

Oh, you know I loved this article being a wire twister myself. Well done and thanks.

ChezChani said...

Thanks for putting my work in such esteemed company. It is quite an honour!

Anonymous said...

Your work is great! I especially love the last pendant with all the wire and small beads that actually create an entire framework around the primary stone. I'm sure your store will be a big success! Teri Twitter: Teri_B

Perfectly Twisted said...

Hi Ladies - yes, I do love their work! And the black and white are some of my faves also Teri. :) It's my pleasure to know such wonderful artists and such amazing people - all of you! Hugs and many blessings. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

darmap28 said...

I've been designing jewely for 6 yrs now and I love your jewelry it's always great to see new and original artistic designs out there! check out my give aways on http://allthingscolorful.blogspot.com/ I will be posting one of my healing peices on the 18th of Febuary

Diamonds New Jersey said...

Beautiful selection!! Good combination of wire wrapped and beaded jewelry. Its a creation of art work. I appreciate your art work. There is a magical peace and joy that come with this art.