New Wire Wrapped Earrings in Gold Fill and Sterling Silver, Now in Etsy!

Holler Daze are coming... (rolls over giggling!) ~
I had a ball creating these as they're a 'new style' for me and I think I love them! The tiny wire wrapping, coiling I think they call it, is a very popular technique these days as it should be! I personally love it and am set to learn more about how to wrap this way. So much to learn, so short on wire! Ikes! I managed to get these finished and am in the works to find more wire and put a few new pieces together. These are in my Etsy store now so please SHOP to your hearts content! :)

Something to think on during the holiday months....

What to do with 'left over' jewelry??? Or jewelry that didn't sell in the year?

Q. What happened to all my 'old' earring styles and pendants from last year?

A. Well, like every November... my left over pretties go directly to the Child Protection Services Christmas auction. My good friend is a Saint and puts this auction on every year to raise money for the needy kids (she's like Mrs. Santa Clause). ;)

Her mission is to get people, businesses and friends, to donate items to the auction so that oodles of money can be raised for the kids. It's always ALWAYS, my pleasure to give her pieces at the end of my year. It makes me feel really good that my little work, my designs, my effort, contributes to the well being of these children. Thanks to Jacqueline! ....for all her amazing energy and effort.... and for allowing people like me, to give with the labor of our love. She can raise by far more money for those children in that auction with my pieces, then I could ever give her directly in cash. It's a blessing to me.

It's a win, win situation also because in addition to the warm and fuzzy love that goes on when giving your jewelry away to good causes... you can also get a nifty tax deduction thank you letter. It's wonderful to give. :)

I work as a software tech for a non-profit organization and am always trying to give with my time or artwork in some way. I would recommend that rather then getting a buck or two reselling old beads that you don't want or can't use.... take a minute, string them up into something cute anyway and GIVE them to the local non-profit fund raisers or auctions. Your left over beads will be worth much more then a buck or two this way. Much more in appreciation and love. Not to mention your business card can be attached to each donated piece. Great way to market your name and show your heart.

It never escapes me, that for every beautiful gemstone I use, there was someone's back breaking effort to get that stone 'out of the mountain' or earth... Many Someones...

I honor that by not forgetting where they came from... and by trying to give back in a positive way ... what I don't use. Remember that if you are working with Natural products... they came out of our Earth.

Hear with your EAR th
Share with your e ART h
Love with your HEART...
What is precious from our EARTH


RED: Earth / Smell : "I am"
Root chakra, First chakra - lies between the rectum and the genital area. Activity, energy, stamina, joy in living, sexuality, love

Qualities: Full acceptance of life on earth, survival, power to achieve goals, vitality, grounding, satisfaction, material security, stability, primal trust, stillness, courage.

Hooray! A light bulb.
See what bending good wire can do for you?

And finally.. the earring of Purple!


Mel said...

Great post!
I work at an animal hospital and we have a team that walks in the Relay for Life every year for the American Cancer Society. We raise money all year and usually come out as the top fund raising team. Anyway, I have a display up at my work and I sell little "zipper pull/dog collar enhancer" type thingies for $5 which I donate all of that to the relay. It's a fun way to use up all those odd and end bead and also feels really good knowing I'm helping out!

Perfectly Twisted said...

Mel thanks for stopping by! and thanks for this wonderful comment. Those little zipper enhancers sound really really cute and an AWESOME idea. Thanks for adding it! Have a great day and I'd love to see one sometime if you leave a link to an image you can share.