Wire Spiral Earrings in Gold Fill and Silver!

I like doing these little bead-less wire projects because it gives me ideas on what I can do WITH the beads! Buying earring and bracelet parts are a great way to start or work if you don't care to do wire, but for those of us who LOVE wire... building our own clasps, hooks and other findings can be fun. It gives you a way to create your own designs also. Sometimes I have ideas for something but can't find that perfect clasp or station... so I end up looking to make my own. You can imagine how many ways I can add beads or additional wire to these earrings. I can wrap with fine wire, add gold, silver or gemmy beads, I can hang chain and a bundle of pretties from it... many things! I can also just leave these as they are and they make a pretty, simple and unique pair of earrings.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!


I apparently have spiral@itis this weekend. ~Crosses eyes ;)

Ohhh... ps... speaking of spiral@-I-tis

I just put out some new digital wallpaper. Have I mentioned I'm working on rebuilding the Uni-verse? ;) Click here to my photo Share blog.

Here's a link to my Picasa

Click the images to enlarge. I give these away, so enjoy it on your desktop! Or if it works for you, feel free to use it as a backdrop to your jewelry photos. Kinda funky but fun.

~Does Electricity have a voice Mr. E?


Anonymous said...

Is it normal that when you click the liquid light picture that you can't get back anymore ? :@

Perfectly Twisted said...

We can always get back ;)
There's a 'back button' upper left.
Thanks for your visit.

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