How to Make a Wire Danish Love Knot - Free Tutorial

I owe many thanks to Blue Forest Jewellery for this wonderful and informative tutorial!  I've been searching the internet for clear instructions on how to make the infamous "Love Knot" also known as the "Danish Knot" and today, I found it!  Please, take the time to visit this delightful and talented artist.

This is the link to Blue Forest Jewellery's blog and the tutorial: ...
This is a link to Blue Forest Jewellry's Etsy store:

I spent the morning creating these and wanted to share the measurements with you because I came to find that getting those 'right' for a nice tight, clean looking bead, took the most time.  After that, it was just a  matter of great patience :))

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For these 10mm  knots, I used 
22 gauge, dead soft, bronze jewelry wire
5 mm mandrel
each coil contains 5 loops, between each cut
3 coils per bead

For these "20" mm knots, I used
20 gauge, dead soft, bronze jewelry wire
10 mm mandrel
each coil contains 8 loops, between each cut
3 coils per bead

You'd think the math would work out to be 10 loops per coil, but when I tried that, the coils were simply too tight to get linked together.  The bead you see on the left contains 8 loops each, between the cuts, while the on the right contains 7 loops between each cut end.  You'll notice that the one on the right, while it doesn't look bad, is definitely not as tight or neat as the one on the left.  One extra loop per coil makes a difference, in my opinion.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and again, I encourage you to give the Blue Forest Jewellery tutorial a try.

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