Learning to Weave Wire - Latest Projects

I'm working the weaving into some new pendants, trying on a new 'style' if you will... I've enjoyed them and I hope you find inspiration in the images and I hope you enjoy the different wire wrapping techniques!  Try them all! ;)

Happy holidays.  The stone in the copper pendant is a fossil coral, one of my favorites and the coloring is natural.  The silver pendants contain a blue Kyanite stone and the other contains a red chalcedony gem.  Enjoy!  Soon to be in my etsy store... yes, I'm holding out until I get better at this ;)  Meantime, if you are interested in any of these specifically, email me at izzyzgumbo@gmail.com and let me know.


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Rebecca Brooks said...

Hi, your work is incredible. I love your designs. They are perfect, fancy wire without being overly busy, a perfect amount of wire and shapes.... So beautiful.