Thank you Rocky Mountain Bead Society!

(Look to the left... 'that' stuff... my free projects I told you about!  Enjoy!  :))

We had a wonderful time this weekend and I appreciate all of you who attended my classes!  You deserve a round of applause for the completion of your beautiful wire weave jewelry projects and should be very proud of yourselves.   I hope my classes have inspired you to explore more wire wrap and wire weave jewelry projects and I especially hope to see you in future classes.

To share some links from questions in class....
The Liver of Sulfur gel I use is by CoolTools and can be purchased through Amazon and/or directly from Cool Tools or other places on the web too.  It is also available at The Crazy Merchant!

The metal sealer I use is ProtectaClear Protective Coating for Metal.  It can be purchased via Amazon
and/or directly from EverBriteCoatings or from other places on the web too.

"Where do you get more of my wire wrap and wire weave jewelry tutorials?"
Click right here and go directly to my Perfectly Twisted Etsy store catalog.

"Where are my Perfectly Twisted galleries?"
Click right here and visit my Pinterest boards!

Thank you again!

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