More for your Christmas Shopping / Wish List!

I love the look of tribal jewelry, hammered metals and rough wire.  I've spent the week creating a new line to add to my collection of wire wrapped jewelry.  I hope you'll consider visiting my Etsy store for your last minute Christmas gift shopping!  There's still plenty of time to get something ordered, something shipped and under the tree!  Enjoy the eye candy.
I hand cut each piece of sheet metal, never using prefab forms.  I saw, I file, I hammer, I heat with a torch and I patina... then each item is hand polished and sealed to preserve the gorgeous antiqued finish.  I use quality materials and all of my heart, in each one of my designs.  I hope they're as much a treasure for you to wear as they were for me to create.




Yehoshua Pinto said...

Thank you for sharing such an amazing article displaying a nice collection of beautiful and gorgeous jewelry.

IzzyGumbo said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Judaica!