Oh Happy Day!

Computer tutorial update... I thought I had lost them all, some but not some... so I've been working on a new site, please visit me here also...

It's a Google Sites, site and I love it for several reasons but most of all, because it allows for me to post files FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY! Yeah! Rather then reading the tutorials here, which is always wonderful, I can now also offer them for FREE download as a PDF file from my link above.

Please go there, visit and enjoy! I'm still under construction there, but please bookmark the page and watch for new projects and project files. Google Sites is a FREE tool, so for others of you who offer tutorial and project files, it's a great and easy to use...I recommend it. :)
Hugs and I'll be back soon with new jewelry images!


Shay Stone said...

Izzy! It's so good to see you again:) So sorry to hear about the tutorial loss though - Ugh.

Your tut site looks lovely and of course you know I can't wait to see what you show us next.


Perfectly Twisted said...

Hugs Shay! I've missed you and am working hard. I've ordered cards and some other things that I didn't do last time... etc. Can't wait to catch up with you too.