Learning to Solder Jewelry

No matter how many videos you watch on this... it's not as easy as it appears... at least not for me.  I mangled about 14 inches of bezel wire before I was able to get these 2 inches into a pendant.  :))  While I'd love to say I had a plan, the honest truth is, I didn't.  I was just learning how to create my own bezel and solder sheet and wires together.  Along a series of 'happy accidents', this pendant came about and I love it.  I used too large of a bezel wire for the stone width, but after I added the round wires and polished the whole piece up, I actually prefer the way it looks... a more earthy, organic or 'rustic' feel to the design, rather than technical perfection of bezel.

I used a thick gauge copper sheet, cut the pattern out by hand, fit the bezel wire to the stone, soldered them all together and then put a wide curve into the top 'point' of the copper backing to create the bale.  I added three, 18 gauge copper wires and used my handy torch to melt and ball the ends.

LOTS of hand filing and sanding to smooth the rough edges of all the copper sheet, then a soak in the Liver of Sulfur to add patina, another hand polishing and then a final seal to preserve the finish.

WHEW!  I hope you enjoy the eye candy.   Just a few more touches to the chain and a handmade clasp yet to go!

The beautiful deep blue stone I used is Lapis.  Over all, I'm pretty happy with it as  my first soldered piece.




DeborahRead.com said...

I love it ! and all your trees

IzzyGumbo said...

Thanks Deborah! I appreciate your comment so much! :))

Arlene Harrison said...

You are so right about learning to solder. I've tried a couple of times and got really frustrated. Can you suggest any particular book or video that might be helpful?

IzzyGumbo said...

Thanks for your comment Arlene! Here is a link to a 5 part video series... this is part 1 and then you can see the rest of them via Youtube and these explain bezel making and soldering, pretty well.


I hope that helps! :)) Have fun.

IzzyGumbo said...

I'm not sure that link worked ARlene, so here is the video series name...

Art Jewelry - Making a bezel part 1

They are done by Art Jewelry Magazine and you can search them via Youtube.

Joyce said...

Excellent photos and amazing information. Thanks a lot.

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IzzyGumbo said...

Hey, you're welcome Joyce, thanks for stopping in and for your lovely comment :))